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Best Blender Deals for Mother’s Day: Get Back in the Kitchen With Mom the Healthy Way!

Some of my oldest memories are with my mom, cooking in the kitchen. We were always making the most delicious dishes, cooking practically everything you could imagine- from cookies and cakes, to sauces and dishes for the whole family. These days, we try and cut back on our sweets, eat a little bit healthier here and there, and speed things up wherever we can.

Best Blender for Mother's Day Deals
Still, it’s hard. It’s hard to find that perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day, especially when there are so many things out there that exist to give thanks to your favorite person in the world. It’s tough to look past the generic gifts out there, instead looking to spoil your mother or wife with children with the perfect addition for any kitchen- a blender.

We’ve found some of the best blender Mother’s Day discounts out there, so you can customize your very own perfect blender gift idea for Mother’s Day– and give her the gift that gives back time and time again to her health. Give her the gift that makes her job a little easier, while cutting back on prepackaged and artificial foods for good.

Best Blender Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

Here are a few of our Favorite Blender Gifts for Mom’s Day:

1. Ninja BL480 Nutri with 1000 Watt Auto-IQ Base

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The Nutri Ninja products are the best selling products on the market. Why? Because they’re easy to use, effective for anyone of any age, and the best possible choice to make sure that you’re keeping all the nutrients in your food where they need to be- in your stomach. Plus, it’s exceptionally easy to use and will break down practically anything you could ever want it to.

It’s practically like having the perfect individual cup sized maker of any fresh drink, soup, smoothie and more- plus this particular model comes with several different sized cups, and a 30 recipe book that gives wellness advice and more. You can help mom with this awesome machine, and watch the amazing blending action taking place for yourself.

  • 900 watts of pure power in a sleek design
  • The most powerful extractor and blender there is
  • Amazing at cutting through frozen fruits and ice to make perfect healthy drinks
  • Ninja Best Value Personal Blender Today
  • Perfect for on the go, just mix, make, screw on a lid and go!
  • Produces vitamin, mineral, fiber, and other nutrient dense food combinations.

2. Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender

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For just a little less power, you get versatility. The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse is an amazing addition to the Ninja cooking device system. Not only does it completely demolish ice, fruits and vegetables, it processes them all evenly, making sure that everything is in its place, smoothly blended together into perfection.

With two different Nutri Ninja Cups for premium extraction and preparation, and hooks to help your mom create the most perfect doughs for cookies or pizzas in a synch. It’s at a great price too- less than seventy dollars for one of the most powerful and highly technologically advanced blending systems- perfect for Mother’s Day.

– Crushes practically any food in seconds
-Blasts through tough to mix doughs, ice, or frozen fruits and veggies
-1000 watts of power
-Perfect for a crowd with unmatched pulse action to obliterate any food inside the chamber
-Unbelievably easy to use and clean

3. Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

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The VERSA has one of the most powerful blending motors on the planet at 1400 watts, which means it pretty much blasts through anything you would ever want to make, and it has three separate settings to make quick work of all your meal choices more efficiently than you’d ever imagine. It rotates at least 250 miles per hour, guaranteeing each and every ingredient is perfectly mixed each and every time your mother makes something to make each and every recipe perfect.

-Incredibly powerful for its’ price
-Reversible motor to blend anything from nuts to ice and solid fruits and veggies with no absolutely no effort
-3 Settings that make perfect smoothies, dips and soups, even fresh nut butters
-Incredibly durable, and compact enough to fit everywhere
-Hundreds of recipes in the box to make your mom feel like a pro!
-BIG 64 ounce jar for big families

4. KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender- Refurbished (The Best Blender Mother’s Day Discount)

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If you’re looking for a great deal on blenders, look no further than this refurbished KitchenAid blender deal! Not only is it powerful, it’s got the perfect performance whenever you’re looking to stir, chop, blend, mix, puree, liquefy or pulse practically anything. With a robust and powerful motor, and an easy to operate, easy to clean one-piece design, your mom will never struggle to get the results that she wants when she’s preparing all of your favorites.

-A wide variety of settings to get the work finished fast and effectively
-5 Speeds to Crush, Pulse, or Whip anything and everything
-Plenty of power at an affordable price
-Maintains optimal speed, powers through every ingredient you throw at it, with an intelli-speed motor that senses change and adjusts itself accordingly.
-Robust, clean-cut and well built to make that perfect Mother’s Day gift

5. Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 7-Speed BlenderOster BVCB07-Z Counter-forms 6-Cup 7 Speed

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With seven powerful speeds, a six cup capacity and unique design and reversible motor this blending powerhouse delivers some of the best results imaginable without the hassle that comes along with other blenders in the same class. With a stainless steel crushing blade, your mom won’t waste time trying to crush each individual piece of ice or fruit chunk, they’ll be demolished before her eyes with little to no effort.

With seven variable speeds, your mom will be able to use this wonderful Blender to make the perfect Mother’s Day gift of breakfast in bed, maybe even use it for lunch and dinner- making dips, soups, nut butters, beverages and more, in one simple touch with an even easier clean design (which is great for both you and mom).

-600 watts of power
-Seven speeds to meet any need
-Perfect for anything from shaving ice to blending the smoothest smoothies
-6 big cups for family meals
-Made out of quality materials for a long-lasting build

Why Buy Your Mother a Blender This Mother’s Day?

There are a wide variety of excellent reasons to purchase a blender for your mom this Mother’s Day, and she’s sure to love you for each and every one. Not only will she be able to make practically anything and everything you’d ever want, she’ll be able to speed up her processes and efficiently and effectively create all the best meals for you and the rest of your family.

Modern day blenders are exceptionally handy. They’re especially easy to use, powerful and perfect for the whole family. In absolutely no time, your mom could make the perfect salsa, smoothie, juice, dip, hummus, soup and more- all from one device, and all in a few mere moments. And it’s those moments that are the most important in life.

For just a few bucks, a little forethought, and some preemptive planning on your part, you can find the best blender Mother’s Day discount out there and become the star of this Mother’s Day, hopefully getting more and more of the most difficult things for your mom to prepare- in a snap. After you buy her this one little tool, your mom will be able to make all kinds of delicious meals- from doughs and pastry crusts to smoothies, shakes and juices, for the whole family.

There are a huge amount of benefits that she’d gain with these types of products:

-A ton of healthy, fast and easy recipes to make quick work out of any ingredient, no matter what it’s made of
-Powerful blades, great designs and lots of versatility
-Get the most out of the things you buy- since she’ll be able to make soups, dips, spreads, doughs, and more easily and effectively
-You’re sure to see her eyes light up when she opens and starts using one of these amazing blender products

No matter what you get your mother this Mother’s Day, she’s sure to enjoy it- but there are few better gifts out there than the blender Mother’s Day discounts that we’ve found for you here. Take it from us, she’ll love your thoughtfulness and she’ll love her gift!

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