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Blendtec TB-621-20 Blender Review

Blendtec TB-621-20 blender is among the best blenders in the market. It is a wonderful investment either for individual or commercial purposes. It is one of the best blenders used by many people in making smoothies as well as preparing their favorite concoctions. It’s powerful mortar along with the powerful blades enables it to grind down various recipes for different smoothie recipes.


Blendtec Key features

The blender has outstanding features that enhances its performance. Among the key features include a powerful 3 HP direct-drive motor along with a 1,560-watt power. It has enhanced control settings that are preprogrammed into blending cycles and has a digital touch pad controls with an automatic shut-off. Its blades are 2-prong stainless-steel that rotates up to 29,000rpm, which provides an ice-crushing guarantee. It has a 2-quart blending jar that is square and has a fitting lid to prevent the substances from flying out of the jar. The blender comes along with a users guide and new recipes you can try out using your new blender. It measures 7 X 8 X 15.5 inches.

Feature Benefits

The blender is an all-in-one appliance as it makes smoothies, ice cream, fresh juice, milk shakes, soup, margaritas, sauces, cappuccinos, dressings, bread dough, salsas and much more. It does collectively what up to 9 devices are able to do in an easy-effective manner. The new large jar and powerful blade provides a powerful combination that is efficient in carrying out blending tasks with ease and in less time.

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  • The exceptionally strong jar material is extremely light and offers easy handling experience.
  • The hard motor brushes are made out of electrographitic carbon which is a durable material and prevents wearing out of the brushes.
  • The ultra-hard blades made of stainless steel are designed for heavy use. This feature makes them powerful and prevents corrosion better than other blades.
  • The use of the single patented blade which is designed with vertical wingtips and accurate angles is for ultimate effectiveness. The blade design allows the ingredients to fall right in front of them.
  • Friction is reduced by the ball bearings hence promoting faster and quieter blending experience.


– The blender is efficient in making smoothies
– It is an ice-crusher
– Easy to clean
– Easy to operate with the automation
– Light weight
– Moderate size easy to accommodate


– It is loud
– The jar is not of quality material hence wears out quickly
– High price


Blendtec Total Blender with WildSide Jar is another powerful blender with similar motor power of 3 HP and a 1,560 watt power. Same as Blendtec TB-621-20 Total Blender, it has an auto shut off, preprogrammed cycles and digital touch pad controls.

However, Blendtec Total Blender is mostly for home use while Blendtec TB-621-20 can be used for both home and commercial purposes. They both have wildside blending jars along with secure fitting lids that also includes a recipe book that has more than 230 new recipes. Their measurements are both moderate allowing easy fitting in the kitchen cabinets hence proper storage. These two blenders are generally similar in most of their features, and the only outstanding difference is the price. The Total Blender costs $359.95 while TB-621-20 Blender costs slightly higher at $372.21.

Customer Questions and Answers

Q. Is the Blendtec able to grind Indian Spices with coconut added to a smooth paste?

A. Yes. We were able to make coconut chutney just by pressing the pulse button. We were surprised to see the smooth paste with less than a minute. We are happy to have bought this product even though it is far much expensive than the normal blenders.

Q. Jar leaking: Is it happening to anyone?

A.It seems like the seal to your jar is starting to wear out. I have a Blendtec that developed a leaky jar. After using it for six months and functioning properly, the blades stopped rotating smoothly, and felt slightly ratchety but it was still able to blend just fine. Next it began to leak a dark liquid around the shaft on the bottom side of the jar. Then it leaked more, then it leaked more and finally the seal broke. The jar is now unusable, but it all started with the leaking.

Q. Does Blendtec make Dosa batter while using Indian Pulses?

A. I have never tried it before but i can bet it would be able to make it.

Blendtec TB-621-20 Blender is a powerful blender machine that meets most of your kitchen needs. It is costly but that is expected with quality materials that will offer you undoubted services. The amazing features make it among the countertop blenders and a guarantee of effectiveness. When it comes to blenders, this will make you a proud owner.

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