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Juicer Deals for Mother’s Day Gift: Show Your Care By Caring For Her

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom can be tricky. While it’ easy to phone it in and get the traditional flowers and candy, those gifts are not only a bit boring, but ultimately useless. You want to get her something that shows her you really care, something that comes from the heart, which is why a juicer makes the perfect gift It may sound a bit unconventional, but a juicer is a great way for mom to stay healthy while pampering herself with a delicious, fruity drink. Today’s juicers feature state-of-the-art features and come in lots of makes and models, so we’ve come up with this guide of Juicer Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day to help you make the right choice.

Juicer Mother's Day Deals

Why A Juicer Makes The Ideal Gift

Your mom means the word to you- so naturally you want her to be healthy and happy for as long as possible. That’s why buying her a juicer makes perfect sense: it will allow her to concoct all types of tasty confections that are packed with real fruit juices so she get her daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Plus, some juicers can be used for other things, like mincing garlic or pureeing baby food, so the possibilities are endless.

Even if mom isn’t big on vegetables she will be with her new juicer because she can mix them in with her favorite fruits and not even taste them, so she gets her nutrition without having to suffer. Plus, having a juicer will get her excited about eating right and will allow her to have fun with food: she’ll learn new recipes and discover new treats. Best of all, she can use it year round- who knows maybe she’ll have a barbecue and serve up an ice cold juice for you too!

Best Juicer Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2020

To help you decide which juicer is right for your mom we’ve compiled this list of the best models on the market. Each one has something to offer, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

1. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor (Our Best Seller)

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With an attractive metal and black housing design the Juice Fountain looks as good as it performs. This juicer packs a powerful motor and stainless steel blades to deliver your juice quick and easy. It has an extra-wide 3″ feeder opening so you can put larger pieces in and it turns your fruits and vegetables into juice in 8 seconds.

In addition to all that it has an extra-large pulp collector, so you don’t have to be hassled with constantly emptying it and all the parts are dishwasher safe, so cleaning is simple. Finally, this machine has overload protection, so you can’t jam it or ruin the blades. At just under $150, this is a smart, easy to use juicer that is perfect for moms who are on the go and need a quick juice fix.

2. Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor (Our Best-Value Juicer)

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This budget-friendly juicer makes a great gift for the mom who wants to become more health conscious and get in shape. Voted one of the 5 Best Juicers of 2020 it has a stylish black and stainless steel exterior that is easy to clean. It has 5 speeds to choose from, so it works great on hard and soft foods, for the perfect juice every time.

It has stainless steel blades to shop fruits and veggies into tiny pieces, then uses centrifugal force to extract every ounce of juice. This cuts down on oxidation and help preserve the anti-oxidant properties of the food.

It works quietly and quickly and all the parts can be put in the dishwasher for fast clean-up. At just around $100 this juicer does it all, for less.

3. Omega J8006HDS Nutrition Center Juicer (Show your Love with a Premium Juicer)

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Omega has designed a high-quality juicer guaranteed to put a smile on your mom’s face. Equipped with a powerful motor that is built to turn at a lower RPM than other machines. This means lower oxidation levels, so you can store juice for up to 3 days.

If that wasn’t enough this juicer also masticates instead of grinding, so juice tastes fresher and it keep its nutritional value. Plus, the Omega has auto-pulp ejection, so you can continuously juice without clogging or build-up. This juicer is on the higher end of the price scale at around ~$300, but it is a solid investment and will be one of mom’s prized possessions. Great for moms who are serious about juicing.

4. Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

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Breville’s slightly smaller version of the Juice Fountain has many of the same great features as it’s counterpart packed into a more compact machine. It boasts and all metal housing and a center blade that will extract every drop of juice from anything you put in it. It’s designed with a center, stainless-steel blade and a stainless-steel micro-mesh filter so you get nothing but juice every time you use it.

It also sports a 3′ feeding tube, so mom doesn’t have to chop everything up into small pieces and all the parts are dishwasher safe for simple cleanup. Priced slightly under $100 thanks to a Juicer Mother’s Day Discount this machine is a sound investment for any mom who is new to juicing or want something no-fuss.

5. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

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If you’re looking for a juicer that won’t break the bank but still gets the job done then this is the one for your mom. It comes with a metal and black exterior that houses and 800-watt motor that is guaranteed to produce tasty, refreshing juice quickly and easily. The motor maximizes the amount of juice it produces, even from hard to squeeze fruits, like an apple.

It has an extra wide opening so you can put in whole veggies or fruits, which makes juicing a breeze and is fitted with an extra-large pulp bin so you spend more time juicing and less time cleaning it out. It even comes with a 20-ounce BPA free cup that can double as a pitcher. Best of all, at just under $60 it is affordable and highly functional. A great choice for just about any mom.

When it comes to getting a juicer for your mom, the possibilities are endless. As you can see from our Juicer Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day review there are a variety of great machines that mom is sure to love- whichever one you choose, you can’t go wrong. Mom has taken care of you all your life: now it’s your turn to take care of her by buying her a juicer that will make her healthier, stronger and most importantly, happier. Now that’s an investment worth making.

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