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King of the Blenders: KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender Review reigns supreme

Owning a counter top blender is an essential kitchen accessory. Determining the best one to buy can be an exciting experience when you consider the possibilities of how a blender can improve your typical home cuisine. Blender models differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some have several speeds, and the ability to chop, mix and puree while others may have one-touch convenience controls, and are primarily aesthetically designed to complement the ambiance of a kitchen. Fortunately, KitchenAid brings us both, blended into one amazing machine. The KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender comes in over twenty colors, including metallics and is built for performance.

Enjoying milkshakes and smoothies

Delightful treats like frappuccinos, smoothies and ice cream based shakes and malts are expensive to purchase outside of the home very often, but a blender can create deliciously smooth, thick, customized milkshakes with minimal ingredients and effort any time you’re in the mood to enjoy one. Using a blender to make these items is best because they can quickly mix together ingredients like rich ice cream, fruit or chocolate and even peanut butter. With smoothies, typically the fruit is blended together with juice, so a blender can really puree and emulsify these two ingredients resulting in a deliciously textured drink.

Blending Other foods

There are literally as many blender recipes available as there are combinations of ingredients that one can imagine. Dips, tapenades, spreads and soups can all be created quickly by incorporating all kinds of things including nuts, olives and beans or vegetables. A blender makes cuisine options truly endless. The most important blender features available are present in the KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender.

Vital features great blenders possess

Blender features like soft-touch, water resistant control buttons and color variety are nice to have, but key features that really make a difference include:
• High-powered blending capability and efficient power supply
Selection of controls like mixing, pulverizing, chopping and pureeing
• Large size, 56 ounce – High quality polycarbonate mixing vessel, pitcher
• Rubberized, secure pitcher handle and clean-touch control pad
• Flexible base position, great for left or right handed users
• Strong, durable, stainless steel blade that crushes ice and frozen berries equally well
• Various speed selection
• Tight sealing lid with 2 ounce ingredient cap

KitchenAid has built an unmatched reputation based on their iconic stand mixer, their 5-speed blender lives up to this reputation. A high-powered blending capacity allows users to put their blender to the test and use it vigorously time and time again. Having the strength to process frozen items like ice and berries is beneficial for food texture and a successfully blended product. Control selection allows the user to blend their ingredients at various speeds appropriate to recipes and temperature of ingredients while details like chopping ability are great for harder vegetables and nuts.

The Polycarbonate pitcher is a synthetic, made-in-the-USA resin that is particularly handy for its thermoplastic polymers, meaning hot soups and liquids can successfully be processed in the blender without temperature considerations. The large 56 ounce size allows for adequate space when preparing side dishes and meals for several people to enjoy. Flexible base position is very convenient when cooking because it allows more than one person to successfully navigate the appliance. Finally, having the ability to select a low-speed is beneficial because some sauces like Hollandiase sauce requires otherwise tedious emulsification. Having a tight sealing lid is the most beneficial feature on this product, no one likes to use their smoothy as a facial.

Comparing the competition

Ninja brand BL660 Professional Blender is a comparable blending system that while similar in price-point, varies somewhat in quality and design. While the Ninja blender is attractive and looks high-end, its multiple stack blade chops aggressively but can leave a rougher texture since it is without the specific controls that the KitchenAid model has. Moreover, while the Ninja blender is adequate in size, it is manufactured with injection molded plastics and unfortunately has sharp edges that can be very difficult to clean. KitchenAid boasts a one-piece easy to clean pitcher design and die-cast metal base. With KitchenAid, you are getting more for your money even before applicable KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender discounts.

KitchenAid Positive notes

The KitchenAid blender uses intelligent speed control technology, meaning the blender automatically optimizes the blade speed to perform specific to the ingredients in the blender, and the blades are patented stainless steel which provide ultimate performance:
• Measurement-marked, durable pitcher design
• Steel-reinforced couplers
• Robust motor
• Soft-start feature
• Shatter resistant pitcher
• Quite operation

Other Considerations

Sometimes appliances can be temperamental and on occasion operate intermittently. Purchasing a reputable brand that stands behind their product is always a good idea. Sometimes containers can leak, controls can stick or a motor can run hot. Fortunately, these kinks are successfully mitigated and backed by purchase and product guarantees the majority of the time.

What’s the differenceThere are several differences between polycarbonate and glass blender pitchers including that glass is heavier, and more prone to breakage. Polycarbonate is the same material used in bullet-proof glass for comparison. A pitcher with a dispensing spout feature is typically plastic.

There are also a few differences between nickel and stainless steel materials, nickel provides the look of stainless steel and is less expensive while stainless steel has practical qualities like being anti-bacterial and incredibly durable.

When to give a blender as a gift

A blender makes an excellent gift for many occasions including weddings, house-warmings or even a birthday for someone starting out on their own who may not have the cash to invest in a luxury of this type. Fortunately, this wonderful blender is priced attractively and is a gift that will last and be appreciated for years to come.

Why KitchenAid

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender reigns supreme because it is as long-lasting as it is innovativly stunning. From polished-nickel all metal, to raspberry-ice fuchsia, this blender looks as delicious as the foods it can whip together. The top ingredient-accessible lid is great for adding items as well as measuring and its 5-speeds with pulse mode allows the blender to operate safely, and only when the speed selection button is pressed. This incredibly easy to clean blender also has hidden base-cord-storage making an attractive, sleek profile upon any kitchen counter.

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