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Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender Is Worth Every Penny!

As someone who was never a personal believer in “special blenders” or products that claimed they worked better than others, I was particularly impressed with the Magic Bullet NutriBullet. As soon as I used this special blender for the first time, I immediately knew that making healthy smoothies for my morning commutes would be much simpler than ever before.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series

While most people understand that nutrient rich substances are best for the body, they don’t quite understand that if you use a standard market juicer or blender, you are losing much of the nutrients from the substances you are blending. What the NutriBullet does that other blenders don’t do is keeps the nutrients from the skins and peels of fruits that you are blending–which is the main reason for even blending or juice for a healthy smoothie in the first place.

SuperFood Nutrition Extractor

What really hooked me into purchasing the Magic Bullet NutriBullet were some of the key features this product is known for. For starters, with the SuperFood Nutrition Extractor feature, this blender breaks through tough skins and cracks through stems, so that the consumer gets the most important vitamins from the foods that they are eating. Literally, that one key feature drove me into making my decision to purchase this product.

For one, I am a salad lover and consume a number of vitamin rich foods. Did you know that even a salad can take a significant amount of time for the body to digest? With the NutriBullet, the body is able to break down the vitamins from your typical salad and allow your body to automatically absorb those important nutrients immediately after ingesting. As a woman on the go (and someone who actually enjoys your every day whole foods), it’s nice to know that there is a product that can make digestion even easier on my body.

Clean-Up Time

Another reason you would absolutely LOVE the NutriBullet Pro is how amazingly quick the clean up time is for using this blender. Normally, I would put off cleaning my ordinary blender until after I got home from work, but I can actually take 30 seconds to a minute to clean this blender and it be done for the day.

Although, it’s such a small aspect of one’s day, anyone with a small child understands just how helpful this can be. (Side note: Speaking of the family, I’ve really noticed how simple it is for my family to use this blender. If you have family members who are always on the go, this is just as easy to work with (if not easier) than your every day standard blender.)

One Year Warranty

If ever this were to break or malfunction, another wonderful aspect to this NutriBullet is the wonderful customer service the company provides. It’s comforting to know that I don’t have to throw this blender out if a part ever breaks (and let’s face it, things do break after repeated use!)

High-Torque Power Base & 900 Watt Motor

This feature, in particular, is really one of the most important aspects of the NutriBullet; it’s the POWER behind breaking down those tough almonds, chia seeds, and frozen berries. This is really important for my use, because I like having a variety of flavors in whatever I choose to blend. Even when you put carrots and almonds together in at the same time, the end result is like BUTTER (without all of the calories ;).

Unique Patented Blade Design

Last but not least, the blade design is actually rather inventive and perfect for the uses this product is made for. The cyclonic action is the actual power in the blades that assists in breaking down your toughest foods for maximum nutrient extract.

Because of the cyclonic action feature of the blade design, this is what gives the NutriBullet Pro the “one up” against other blenders in durability. When you blend, it actually sounds like a cyclone going on inside of the blender! The best part is: when you’re done, the clean up around the blade is as easy as 1,2,3! You get two blade.


I realize this review may sound very “businessy,” but I just want the word to get out about how SIMPLE this blender really is to use. Some people at my office have asked me about it, and I find myself sounding like an infomercial. But I’M TELLING YOU, it’s seriously something I would never return or trade using. Some typical questions I have found myself answer include the following:

Q: Does it crush the ice I put in while making a smoothie?

A: Yes! Absolutely. I was really worried about that aspect, seeing how small the bullet is. But actually, for being such a small device, the NutriBullet Pro is actually very POWERFUL. Let’s face it, we all try to test our luck on more difficult foods with our blenders, but this product passes the test for me.

Q: Can I cut leafy vegetables? (People always seem to have a problem with this with ordinary blenders.)

A: Use the large cup to do this, and maybe cut the pieces down, and YES! (I’m telling you–there’s practically nothing this bullet can’t do.)


  • Durability of this product.
  • Nutrient absorbing blending.
  • Different blades/cups provided.
  • Easy Cleaning


  • Some technical issues with certain fruits (lemons).
  • Small leakage issue.
  • Competitive Price

how amazingly quick the clean up time is[/easyazon_block](I cannot think of more cons than I can pros. You’ll find issues with any type of product, so for this product to have such minimal issues is lucky–especially with how powerful this little guy is!)

I can definitely compare the Magic Bullet NutriBullet to the 12 piece 600-watt Blender in the series, and I have to say–the NutruBullet 900 series model actually has stronger blades. One of the girls in my office uses the previous one, and it comes with 12-piece only. I’ve had absolutely no problem with this!

To keep from rambling on (which I’m sure I’ve already done), I will end by saying that you should really try the product, because you won’t be disappointed. I never take the time to write these reviews, but I wanted to share how amazing this has been for me. You won’t be disappointed. The nutrient features, alone, are enough to at least give this NutriBullet Pro a try!!

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