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Best Ninja Blender BL660 Review: Chopping up the Competition

Ninja blenders are the latest craze in today’s trends of kitchen gadgets. These compact, yet heavy-duty machines really live up to their ninja names by being an amazingly powerful tool in the kitchen. With their multiple uses, they really “chop up” the rest of the competition! This review of the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 will provide some insights into the quality and functionality of this handy product which will aid you in your next blender purchase.

Ninja BL600 Features & Benefits

  • Professional tool provides restaurant quality products customized to be used in your home.
  • Sleek design that will look great in your classy kitchen!
  • 1100 Watts of power that will allow you to crush, blend, puree, or process just about anything!
  • Supersized 72 ounce pitcher will make large batches of delicious treats for bigger crowds and parties.
  • Or, use the two to-go cups (with lids) for processing individual drinks or smoothies for your long commute to work.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe for easier and quicker cleanup which saves you time. Appliance Hunter recommends the best kitchen appliances including blenders and dishwashers.
  • All parts are BPA free, so you do not ever have to worry about unsafe substances in your food or drinks.
  • Utilizes a six blade technology for optimal chopping and processing.
  • 3 Settings to perfect your blending needs and desires.
  • Affordability of this product has never been better when you take advantage of the Ninja BL660 discounts!
  • Other Exclusive Features in 28% off that you can’t miss

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Common Customer FAQ’s

Can the Ninja replace my traditional blender, juicer, and food processor?

Absolutely! This blender is the perfect multi-tasking machine. Because of
the amazing power in the Ninja’s blades, this handy dandy device can replace
all the other tools laying around your kitchen. De-clutter your countertops
and cabinets by purchasing the Ninja Professional Blender BL660.

What can the Ninja make?

The sky is truly the limit with the amount of delicious treats that this tool can produce. The obvious smoothies, blended ice drinks, and milkshakes come to mind. However, think outside the box and use the Ninja for things like baby food, guacamole, pesto, marinara, salsa, applesauce and so much more! Anything that you’ve previously chopped or processed manually in the kitchen, consider using the Ninja to do the job for you in the future.

Ninja Professional Blender BL660 with 2 lip glasses Review

How does the Ninja match up with the competition?

For the restaurant quality product that you are getting when purchasing the Ninja, you really cannot beat the price. Other blenders of similar caliber are much more costly outside of the Ninja brand. You really get more “bang for your buck” when it comes to the Ninja.

Ninja Pros & Cons:

Some people compare the Ninja to other brands and note that the really high end and high priced blenders are much better quality. However, the Ninja we’re reviewing doesn’t pretend to be something it is not. The Ninja is simply the highest quality blender in that price range. If you’re looking for the Taj Mahal of blenders and money is not a concern for you, then you might shop around. However, if you are not worried about some subtle differences and do not want to go broke for a kitchen gadget, then the Ninja is the best of its kind.

The Ninja is sturdy, durable, and can turn ice into snow in a matter of seconds. A traditional or standard generic blender would take several loud minutes to do what the Ninja can do in seconds. The noise is not any less however. You can usually expect that in blending technology.

Ninja or Not?

Usually, when it comes to making a purchase between two similar items, you would assess your needs for the machine. However, since the Ninja is so multi-functional, you can move on to the next question which is your budget. If you have a little over a hundred bucks to spend on a blender, this is definitely the best option compared to similar blenders in this price range.

The benefits and features outlined in this Best Ninja Blender BL660 Review truly highlight all that this machine has to offer. This particular Ninja blender is a more middle of the road price in the Ninja brand of blenders, but it still holds its value in functionality and quality. The higher end priced Ninjas might offer you slightly more bang for your buck, but the accessories may not be worth the extra money when you can already achieve great blender results with this machine. You are still achieving great quality results with this Ninja blender and may not even notice what you are missing!

Rich Donahue

This is just what I’m looking for. I’ve heard good things about this one. Blending smoothies is so easy and they are great healthwise. Thank you and best wishes!

    Rachael Williams

    Rich, thanks for dropping by. Smoothie is dummy. I love your recipe sharing too. Thanks!

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