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Omega VRT400 HDS Vertical Juicer Review: A Great Investment in Your Health

Living a healthier lifestyle is a goal that everyone should have. Many people want to start on the path to a healthier lifestyle but do not have the time for things like running, hours at the gym, or the will power to follow a diet plan. For these reasons and more, many people are turning to juicing for their first step into a healthier way of life. This Omega VRT400 Cinnamon Vertical Juicer Review is here to tell you why you need this juicer and why it is a great investment.

VRT400 Slow Juicer: Many Great Features In A Tiny Juicer

Omega VRT400 Small Footprint

The problem with many juicers is that they are huge, clunky, and have a ton of parts that you have to disassemble to clean. They are loud when in use, and they tend to clog up easily. They also deliver a ton of pulp that is so wet, you know that you are throwing away juice that should have gone in your glass. You have to fight with the lock on the bowl when cleaning, and that is more than frustrating.

That is not the case with Omega Vrt400 hds Low Speed Juicer has a small footprint. This means that you can leave it on your counter when it’s not in use, and still have use of your counter. There are few parts to this juicer, so assembly is not leave you feeling like you are putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The bowl does not lock to the lid, so there is no fighting to take it apart.

VRT400 HDS Spec Sheet is download here.

Omega Slow Speed Juicer Benefits

This low speed system juices at 80 R.P.M. This helps to prevent oxidization and frothing. This means that you get a smooth glass of juice that can be stored for up to 72 hours. Thanks to it’s low speed single auger system and screen you do not have to worry about a bunch of pulp settling at the bottom of your glass. Its auto clean function is ideal for those who do not want to spend large amount of time cleaning a juicer.

The Omega 400 has an auto mix feature. Instead of waiting for all the juice to go into a container and then mixing it by hand, all your juice stays in the juicer until you open the tap. You can add carrots, apples, whatever you wish, and it pours out into your glass, ready to go.

VRT400 Cons – you Should Know

One of the main complaints about juicers is the cleaning. You have to disassemble all the pieces, scrub them meticulously and then reassemble everything. This is no longer necessary with this juicer. It has an auto clean feature. Simply pour in water, run the juicer, and you’re done. It’s that easy. No more fighting with parts, or trying to figure out what goes where.

The slow speed allows it to chew through fruits, vegetables and even leafy greens. Rather than cutting and chopping, the two stage system grinds then squeezes fruits and vegetables to deliver the maximum amount of juice possible. You won’t be throwing away wet pulp that contains valuable nutrients. The pulp container is larger than those you would find in the average juicer, so you can juice without having to continuously stop to throw out pulp.

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This juicer is one of the best ones out there, and well worth the investment. If you want to get it cheaper you can find Omega Juicer discounts online, or at your favorite home goods store. Many stores online like Amazon offer lower prices than what you would find elsewhere. Home goods stores regularly send out coupons for a certain percent off of your purchase. If they carry this juicer, use the coupon and save yourself some money.

Compare and Be Surprised: Omega VRT400 vs VRT350

When you look at other juicers such as the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Low Speed Juicer you will see why 400 is the one that you want to buy. While the VRT350 has received complaints of the chute becoming clogged and leafy greens not going through well, the VRT400 does not have that problem. The Omega 400 model does not have that problem because it has a large chute, helping to make sure that fruits and vegetables will not become clogged. While the 350 model has received comments about problems with the frothiness of the juice, especially with leafy greens, 400 model does not seem to have that problem. While the 400 model can handle any ripeness of fruits and vegetables, if you put overly ripe fruit in the 350 model, it turns to paste.

What’s in the Box?

Omega VRT400 HDS Parts

What You Need When Buying A Juicer

When you buy your juicer, it should come with a few things that you need to take care of your juicer. You may also want to invest in a few back up pieces:

  • • A large brush. Even though the Omega 400 HDS Model has an auto cleaning function, a big brush is food for those deep cleanings that you should do from time to time.
  • • A small brush. Just like with the large brush, this is used for those deep cleanings that should be done. The smaller brush helps you to get into the smaller places where build up can collect.
  • • Strainers: Many juicers have the option of buying strainers. Some even come with them. These strainers help to control the pulp in the juice.
  • • Get the Warranty. Sometimes things happen. They can happen during shipping, while being stocked and in many other instances as well.

A Great Investment For Your Health

If this Omega VRT400 Vertical Juicer review hasn’t convinced you yet, consider this. Juicing is a wonderful way to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need, without having to graze on fruits and vegetables through out the day. It is perfect for those that lead a busy lifestyle, or just want to take that first step to becoming healthier. It’s not just an investment in your kitchen, it is an investment in your health.

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