Saving money, time and your health: The Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer Review - Juicy Blender

Saving money, time and your health: The Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer Review

There are endless advantages and health benefits of using a juicer including getting the correct amount of daily fruits and vegetables, little to no-fat nourishment that maintains its carb integrity and a fun and efficient part of daily meal consumption. Oster appliances are known for their legendary performance. The Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer offers on-the-go convenience with powerful, compact juice extractor technology making this the perfect convertible, personal blender.

Making small meaningful changes to your daily health

The difficulty in improving ones diet comes not through lack of ambition, but rather lack of time. Juicing allows you to quickly concoct a delicious on-the-go, healthy beverage that will seamlessly carry over into a healthier daily diet. Since juicing extracts the vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables, the body is allowed to easily absorb nutrients more efficiently while providing the digestive system a rest from processing larger fibers.

Juice sets an example

One of the best reasons for creating delicious, healthful juices is by way of example. If there are children and teenagers at home (or even a pessimistic spouse), than all the better. When family members observe you enjoying your juice and see the energy and improvements in your health, the more curious they will become. Children emulate their parents actions, and they are as inquisitive as they are impressionable. When you take a moment to teach a child what you are doing and why, this will create a life-long impression for them improving their long-term health and setting an unconscious habit of enjoying the process of incorporating necessary fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.

Juicer Features to look for in an Extractor

When considering a juicer, what are several features to be conscientious of? These features and their corresponding benefits will allow for an optimal Juicing experience.

  • Easy to clean, BPA-free materials
  • Blade material, filter size and power wattage
  • Size and practical functionality
The Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juice Extractor is designed for both ease of use, and clean-up which is paramount to time-management and actually using your blender consistently. If the Juicer is configured to easily break down and facilitate a quick wash, then it will always be ready when you are. This particular model also has the added benefit of a convertible base that allows it to also be used as a personal-blender to create an on-the-go smoothy or juice directly into its BPA-free 20-ounce to-go-cup.

The Oster FPSTJE3166-022 Juicer has 400 watts of power that allows you to process harder fruits and vegetables without maximizing the load on the juicer, typical of lesser-models. The stainless steel mesh filter on this model is not only dish-washer safe, it also allows the maximum amount of pulp to be separated from the fruits and vegetables creating a more delicious, texture in juices and smoothys. This feature also allows the owner to utilize the fresh left over pulp in dishes like fruit salad, cream cheese spreads, broths and quick-breads to name a few. Since organic fruits and vegetables are quite valuable, utilizing the entire product saves money and creates additional delicious, healthy options.

This particular Blend 2 Go Juicer also comes in a smart, neutral color that can easily compliment any modern kitchen design. Its transparency also allows the user to visualize quantities while making juice. There is a finger-safe, easy-to-feed fruit and vegetable shoot that allows for adding ingredients without making a mess, and this model also has a simple control knob without unnecessary digitized programming.

A stainless steel blade assembly, signature of the Oster brand, also has its own set of benefits. Stainless is long-lasting, easy to clean, does not contaminate the flavor of foods and is bacteria resistant. Using your Oster Personal Blender to consume fresh raw fruits and vegetables through juicing is one of the healthiest actions you can take to improve your overall health. The 20-ounce size to-go-cup makes consuming the correct amount of nutrients as simple as using your Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer as well.

Positive results from juicing

One of the top campaigns for recommending increased fruits and vegetables in the daily diet is preventing and curing a wide range of ailments including cancer. Juicing is important for the following reasons:

  • Juicing allows for optimal absorption by the body of substances found in foods that protect against disease.
  • Juicing allows for adequate consumption of phytochemicals that protect DNA from damage.
  • Fresh juices are a vast source of necessary enzymes that are typically destroyed when cooked.
  • Fruits and vegetables provide traditional nutrients that keep our bodies healthy and balanced.
  • Juice is also a great base for adding super-food additives like Goji berries, virgin coconut oil and Chia seeds.

Other points to consider

Much like consuming whole fruits and vegetables, it can be tempting to enjoy sugary fruits over the latter. Although fruits are indeed good for you, they do contain a large amount of natural sugar.

• Avoid consuming too much sugar from fruits that could raise insulin secretion and promote fat storage.
• Selecting the highest quality produce can be a little on the expensive side, but the goal is to avoid pesticides.
• Exclusive juicing can slow metabolism. Being contentious about caloric intake and using juice as a healthy additive is the correct approach.

All things considered, deriving the benefits and nutrition from juicing and consuming raw, organic, green veggies results in the most nutrition and amazing health habits.

Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go FPSTJE3166-022 Juice Extractor and Personal Blender

Similar model comparison

Both the Oster 3157 400-Watt Single-Speed Juice Extractor and the Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer have a powerful 400 watt motor, stainless steel blades and 20-ounce juice-and-go capacity along with an attractive design. The Single-speed extractor is more simply designed in that it only produces the single serving amount of juice, but it also takes up a tiny amount of counter space in the kitchen making it easily accessible. The smaller juicer is also a little lower priced and equally kid friendly.

Discounts available

Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer discounts are incorporated into online best-pricing and offers free shipping. Simple 1-click ordering allows this wonderful product to be ordered seamlessly and the cost savings passed along to the customer. Additional one-day shipping is also available upon check out.

Having a juicer that allows for ease of everyday use makes the Oster Juice and Blend 2 Go Juicer a practical and viable product that virtually guarantees reaching the recommended daily target for fruit and vegetable consumption. Enjoying six to eight servings each day is all the more convenient when you can take it on the go. Bringing along a healthy meal or snack offers considerable cost-savings throughout a busy week that really add up!

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