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Best Stand Mixer Black Friday and Cyber Monday (2017) Sale and Deals: Mix it Up!

Buying a mixer really depends on what you want to get out of it. Are you planning on just making brownies or cookies? If you are, you might want a smaller mixer, without extra features or costs. If you’re planning on making something with substance, it’s suggested that you buy a heavier mixer that can hold the ingredients you need with some added weight to keep it from moving around while you’re mixing all your favorite recipes together. You also want power – there’s nothing worse than starting that complex recipe, and having your motor give out and ruin the recipe part way in.

Let’s Look at Some Options You Could Pick up this Black Friday:

Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer (Our Best Seller 2017)

Hamilton has been known for it’s quality products; and this mixer is no different. For a modest price around 80 dollars, it offers a lot of modern options for your kitchen, including different attachments to meet all your needs. It has a powerful 300 watt motor for anything from blending eggs to making cookie dough. Also, this mixer features “planetary mixing action” that gives you total bowl coverage, mixing everything in the bowl better than a traditional 2 beater stand mixer.

You never have to stop and scrape ingredients from the sides of the bowl; plus there’s six different speeds for any application to give you exactly the torque you need, plus a special fold setting to mix ingredients in perfectly.

With just a tilt of the head of the mixer, you can pour in added ingredients, and the awesome non-slip feet keep the mixer still while you’re using it; and the splatter shield guard keeps messy drips, drops and spills minimized to give you the absolute best in mixing.

Some of the attachments that come with this awesome piece of machinery include a non-stick flat beater, a dough hook, and a whisk- plus, everything’s dishwasher safe, making clean up a cinch. This mixer might just have everything you need for you or a special loved one that loves to cook this Black Friday.


Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel

This Hamilton product reflects both sides of buying a mixer this holiday season. While the last option had “planetary motion” to mix up all the ingredients; this is a simple two beater mixer is very cheap at around $30; and offers a lot of cool features, including dough hooks to go along with the beater attachment.

This particular blender doesn’t have the power of the previous mixer, but the six settings get the job done and give you that extra burst of power you need with a QuickBurst button. Also, this model doubles as a hand mixer, and has a shift and stir bowl to match 290 watts of power, and a 4 quart steel bowl to get everything mixed up just how you want it– an affordable option this Black Friday.


KitchenAid KSM150PSER 5-Qt. Artisan Series with Pouring Shield – Empire Red

KitchenAid is known for making the highest quality kitchen mixers out there, and this mixer is no different. With a slightly hefty price tag around $280; this mixer fits every mixing need you’ll ever need, in 20 different colors to match any kitchen. Also, it comes with over 15 optional attachments to meet any need you might have and mix anything you can imagine.

Made from Stainless Steel, and with 325 watts of power; this mixer has all the power and style you can imagine. It comes with a pouring shield to keep everything neat, mixing virtually everything with ease- plus over 10 speeds to make this mixer your culinary centerpiece in the kitchen, letting you mix, knead or whip with ease.

Fit the optional power hub attachments on this awesome product and make anything from ground food to pasta and shredded cheese and more. This excellent mixer has over 59 different points that it touches per rotation around the bowl to make sure everything is mixed or whipped comprehensively as well as completely to give your recipes the absolute best flavor. This mixer is a great product, and would beperfect for anyone on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, especially if you find a good deal.

Sunbeam 2371 MixMaster Stand Mixer, White

For $60 dollars, this Sunbeam is affordable enough, but does it meet the grade as far as mixers go? With over 350 watts of power, this dual beater blender is like having an extra hand in the kitchen. Whats important about this mixer is that it reaches the bottom of the bowl, unlike the Hamilton model that matches this one, while this particular mixer is twice the price.

This Sunbeam makes prep work easier and cooking a lot more fun. This mixer is great for making everything from pizza dough or pancake batter; even birthday cake and frosting- or eventful holiday recipes like fresh pumpkin pie with perfectly whipped cream.

It has over 12 different settings, and it soft starts to prevent unnecessary splatter or flour puff up. It also comes with different sized bowls to make sure that everything fits properly inside the mixer, without extra room to make unnecessary messes. Each blender also rotates independently making it more consistent- making this blender a quality investment this Black Friday.


Hamilton Beach 63220 Eclectrics All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer, Sterling

This is one of the more expensive Hamilton products, averaging around $150. This model has an extremely powerful 400 watt motor and 12 different speed settings, as well as unique and individual mixing head orbits that move around the bowl, moving beaters in opposite directions to provide a consistent mixing experience. The bowl on this beauty also locks to the base for added stability, with a quick-release head to easily access the bowl. This model also comes with recipes, pouring shields, flat beaters, dough hooks and whisks.

This powerful blender is perfect for creating family recipes, since this Eclectrics stand mixer fuses all the durability of a stand mixer with all the technology that is available to bring the best hands-free experience for anything from light and airy egg whites to the stickiest sticky buns.

You’ll also never need to stop and scrape ingredients from the side of the bowl, and it won’t move around on you with awesome nonslip feet. It’s easily cleaned, and each mixer is hand finished and coated in a protective coat to prevent any unsightly fingerprints or smudges to keep it looking great the entire time you own it.


Sunbeam FPSBSM2104 Heritage Series 350-Watt Stand Mixer, Red

At $100 dollars, this Sunbeam is right in the middle of price and options. Not only does this blender have 12 different variable speeds, it also starts soft so you control the mixing process the entire time. What’s unique about this particular model of Sunbeam is that it provides you with unique 3-way mixing action, and the fully synchronized bowl and beater automatically increases and decreases the speed so that your ingredients get fully mixed together.

It comes in 8 different colors to match any decor and also has an off-center bowl position that allows you to add all of your ingredients simply and easily, with less scraping ingredients off the sides of the bowl. This mixer would be perfect for anyone looking to make holiday memories through good food. That also makes it a great buy for your Black Friday shopping, or Cyber Monday searches.

Why is a Mixer Great Gift this Holiday?

Maybe you’re looking for reasons to purchase a mixer this holiday season:

  • Have you ever kneaded bread? It’s an extremely difficult and time consuming process that a mixer can cut in two, saving you tons of time, plus sheer muscle exhaustion
  • Become the master of your kitchens making whipped toppings, meringues, anything that you need a good mixer to make; that people will be in awe of around the holidays
  • Stand mixers are much more versatile than basic hand mixers, and provide lots of options to maximize your output
  • Strong enough to make bread dough, gentle enough to mix cake batter; plus you can add ingredients while you’re mixing!

What to Consider when buying a Mixer?

Do you want a specific time that you’re mixing something? Often mixers today have all kinds of features that make it more fun to decide what you want – do you want a tilting head mixer or a standard mixer? Do you want it to match your kitchen with tons of fun colors and styles? Most importantly, do you want functionality and quality? There are so many choices out there that it’s hard to make a decision, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner.

There’s a ton of options out there to choose from, and don’t let yourself get bogged down by the price. Get a great deal on one of these exceptional mixers this Cyber Monday or Black Friday while you can, and get the power to do everything hands-free with professionalism that’s unmatched this holiday season. Buy a stand mixer this black Friday and you won’t regret it; you’ll be cooking like a professional in absolutely no time.

Check Out Stand Mixer Best Sellers this Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017!

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